I’m back!

by Stacy

Normally I despise these posts. “OMG you guys, I’m sooooooo sorry, I’ve just been soooooooooo busy!”

And I have been busy: sleeping and not cooking.

The first trimester of pregnancy knocked me out for a few months. In addition to the exhaustion, food was approximately the last thing I wanted to write about.

Top it off with a dollop of heat wave in a non-air-conditioned house and garnish with a solid month of traveling and house guests, and here we are.

Awake and in the second trimester, I’m feeling more caught up on life. Also, we have confirmed that the baby is, in fact, human.

Baby noses are cute. I may be biased.

If you subscribe to my newsletter you’ve had a few updates, but I’ve really missed blogging.

My main goal with this kiddo is not to be “that mom” on the internet, so the focus of the blog won’t change. My perceptions will, I’m sure, but I think that will add something to my experiences.

I’m due mid-February, and there’s a lot to get through before then! Fall, the holidays, the new year…

And I promise to schedule a post when the baby arrives so I don’t disappear so suddenly then. I’m happy to finally share this news with all of you and look forward to more updates soon.

Stacy Spensley is a healthy life coach, recovering stage manager, lover of the Oxford comma, and vegetarian. She's bossy because she loves you.

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