weekend in brief and the cookbook winner!

by Stacy

Happy May Day! I’m home from an absolutely fantastic weekend at Camp Blogaway. Highlights of the trip included generous speakers and sponsors, a warm and supportive community, tons of information, and many wonderful people.

me and my mata hari onionThough I decided to focus on being truly present with the other people who were there in lieu of taking pictures, I did ask my fabulous carpool buddy to take my picture with the produce I bought at a stand on the way home.

What’s a Mata Hari?

(It’s just not as funny typed out.)

In this case, it’s an onion the size of my head. It cost $1. I’m excited to use it.

Also, if anyone in San Diego looooooooooves their hair stylist, let me know. Please.

What else am I excited about? Your awesome comments on my blogoversary post. After I stopped blushing from all the lovely things you said, I made a little list of what you want to see on the blog.

A few of the top requests:

  • Technique posts
  • Ethnic recipes
  • Vegetarian proteins and main dishes

If it slipped your mind, I also ponied up a little giveaway action in return for your feedback.

Congratulations Nicole! You’re the randomly-selected winner. I hope you enjoy your cookbook and look forward to hearing what you think of it.

I truly appreciate everyone’s feedback, because it helps make my blog better. Armed with your requests and a new arsenal of information from the bloggers’ weekend I hope to accomplish that in the coming days. Your support, readership, and community are why I blog. The cake doesn’t hurt, either.

Next up? The much-anticipated kimchi fried rice post. I promise.

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