csa share 11/3/11

by Stacy

It’s shoulder season, a time of in-between, halfway between solstice and equinox. The last vestiges of summer-warmed zucchini and peppers snuggle next to the first root veggies, squash, and hardy winter greens that will soon fill the farmers market tables.

We pick up on Thursdays, and it was a lovely day. Friday, however, has been rainy and cool, perfect for dreaming up soups, stews, braises, and roasts. No meat needed.

Can’t stand to look at zucchini again until next year? I’ve been tossing mine in green smoothies along with spinach, an apple, some avocado and/or banana, almond milk, and a few cubes of frozen mango. Problem solved.

csa share 11/3/11

csa share 11/3/11

csa share 11/3/11

csa share 11/3/11

csa share 11/3/11

What to do, what to do?

Here are some ideas of what to do with your fancy produce. I wasn’t hungry when I started this list…

I’m so excited to be hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner this year! My sister and her family (including my turning-4-next-week niece) and my mama are coming out to stay with us and I can’t wait. A few friends are coming, too — the more the merrier, right?

Do you do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

I haven’t quite decided on the menu yet, but my husband, housemate, and another friend are plotting turkey. I said I don’t care, but they can’t steal my oven for it. My family hasn’t had turkey for Thanksgiving in at least a decade.

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