amazing eggs

by Stacy

On Saturday, we visited the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market‘s opening weekend. In addition to plants for our patio garden, we also picked up a dozen beautiful, fresh organic eggs.

organic eggs from the farmer's market

At the grocery store, I do buy cage-free eggs, and the farm is in the state. These eggs are a whole different level! Wow.

Fresh eggs make all the difference for poached eggs, and these were the easiest poached eggs I have ever made. The shells were so strong it took me two tries to crack them. The white and yolk were so solid, there was virtually no “drift” in the pan of boiling water. They turned out with perfectly cooked whites and rich, runny yolks.

poached eggs and toast

Speaking of yolks, here is is – I didn’t alter the color of the photo at all.

poached eggs and toast

These were possibly the best poached eggs I have eaten. And I eat a lot of eggs. I used more of the eggs for dinner (which I will post later this week) and was still impressed. They were the same price ($4/dozen) as organic eggs at the grocery store, we didn’t compare prices between vendors at the market, and the price may fall during the summer.

I am sold!

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Kathie April 29, 2009 at 11:13 am

Yum! The yolks of good, fresh eggs are just the best.


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