another day at the zoo

by Stacy

I’m working on some food posts, but sheesh, photo editing is killing me right now. It’s not that I do much of it, just some cropping here and there and combating the crappy lighting in my kitchen, but it just takes a long time. So I gave up and instead am finally posting pictures I took two weeks ago at the zoo!

Eve came out to visit, so we flexed our zoo membership muscles and headed to the San Diego Zoo. Photo from our first trip are here. These are just a few highlights.

There are lots of pretty flowers around, and this hibiscus was too bright to leave alone. I didn’t edit any of these photos other than cropping a few, so this one is straight-out-of-camera.


Despite Eve’s hatred of birds, we checked out one of the many aviaries in the zoo. This bird was checking us out, too.


The first trip we made to the zoo, we didn’t expect or try to see everything. We did see the hippos, but they were both asleep and hard to see. This time, one was quite active:


The other one was sleeping, but this is honestly my favorite photo from the trip. For some reason it just makes me think of the hippos drawn in children’s books.


Once we dragged Eve away from the Monkey Trail, the hubby convinced us to go see the sea lion show. Seals, we learned, just lay on the beach. Sea lions have much larger flippers and can do tricks, like so:

sea lion

I think it looks like he’s doing yoga. It was a fun show to see!

The strangest thing we saw was a cheetah. Not because he was a cheetah, but because he was with his friend (a golden retriever) and they were both on leashes. I had never seen a cheetah on a leash before.

cheetah on a leash

We were unprepared for such an odd sight, but this is the zoo’s third such cheetah/dog pair. You can read about the unlikely companions here, which makes much more sense.

Well, I feel better after a respite from food photos! I’m going to go make some cookies, then food posts will resume tomorrow. Hope you’re hungry!

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evie November 22, 2009 at 4:49 pm

Where are the monkey photos? :(

I love that hippo too.


Lamb March 12, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Your sleepy, sandy hippo is now my desktop wallpaper! So cute :)


Stacy March 12, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Hooray! I visit the hippos every time we go to the zoo. 😀


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