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by Stacy

Yesterday afternoon, I had my final brioche project (mini cinnamon rolls) and a loaf of sandwich bread rising when I suddenly felt very ill. Bread forgotten, I laid down, finally feeling a little better later in the evening. However, when I went back to bed that night, I couldn’t sleep because I had shooting pain in my tooth where I had an filling break loose a few weeks ago. Despite painkillers and mouthwash, I barely slept all night.

This morning, trying to rest became impossible as the International Lion’s Club held a parade over four hours long on the street outside our window. So. Many. Marching. Bands. So despite my current lack of dental insurance I made an emergency dentist’s appointment for this afternoon.

One root canal later, my tooth no longer hurts. The illness from yesterday could have been from the infection, but I feel much better now. After I got home, I even got some sleep. Now I am trying to salvage my bread dough (fingers crossed!). Big props to my husband for being a good nurse and making me spaghetti for dinner.

I’ll try to do interesting things to post about to make up for a few dull days.

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