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by Stacy

Thank you to everyone who has responded in the poll I recently posted. Your feedback and insight is helpful and appreciated. While in many ways the actual process of blogging (planning and creating content) is for me, I want the product to be enjoyable for others as well. Pageview statistics can tell me a lot of information, but the most useful feedback I get is from your comments and emails.

Several posts are actually in the works right now but have been delayed by a combination of a short attention span, a lot of photo editing, a mountain of laundry that actually broke the handle of my hamper, and my husband needing to be fed and entertained while he actually had a long “weekend” off.

Today I was trying to edit photos but took a break and dragged my spouse out for a walk.

moonlight beach

In Encinitas.

So instead of health content or recipes or pics from the county fair, all you get is this saturated, processed photo of the beach. It was good for my mental health and my vitamin D levels, however, and I took pictures of dinner (one of our go-to quick meals) when we got home.

What did you do today?

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Jennifer June 20, 2010 at 5:27 pm

Again I say .. I <3 the beach. I just love the ocean, I don't even need to walk, just sit in a spot where I can listen to the waves endlessly. I have an obsession with the ocean and moon that is almost unhealthy at times, 😛


Kate H. June 20, 2010 at 5:31 pm

Gorgeous!!! I enjoy a beautiful photo of a beach now and then, too.

FYI — the sicilian citrus cupcakes for Ben’s b-day turned out great (I promise I creamed the butter & sugar for a full 5 min!) and the leftovers are still tasting awesome, five days later. 😀 I also borrowed the “barely boozy strawberries” to top whole wheat pancakes for a special b-day breakfast…also a big hit.

And…I have plans for those black bean burgers this weekend, I think. You have my sincere appreciation for maintaining this blog!!


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