csa share 03/10/11

by Stacy

Yes, these are the vegetables we got on Thursday. I’m slow.

My mom is here, which is great, but we’ve been out and about every day for the last week! We’ve been to the beach in North County, we’ve been to wine country, we’ve been to see my mom’s 91-year-old aunt in Orange County, and we’ve all gained 5 pounds.

Oh, and we picked up the CSA share on Thursday which I finally managed to take photos of today.

csa share 03/10/11

Red greens! The red frill is a type of mustard green (Mom asked).

csa share 03/10/11

Not pictured: a whole slew of arugula (my favorite!) which looks just like the heap we got a few weeks ago. We’ve already had two salads with it. Yum.

csa share 03/10/11

A variety of root veggies this week — those spicy watermelon radishes are so pretty cut up. Chiogga beets are, too. The red carrots? Orange on the inside. Bright colors mean more antioxidants!

csa share 03/10/11

Sugar snap peas are delicious as crudites, in pasta or stir-fry, or tossed in a pan of butter then sprinkled with fresh mint or thyme.

csa share 03/10/11

Our “fun item” this week was bean sprouts. Or, more accurately, sprouted beans. We got sprouted peas and lentils. Sprouts are a small-but-simple way to add tons of nutrients to your diet.

Big news from our CSA in the last few weeks: they will now be offering a “small” box either weekly or bi-weekly for $18 as an alternative to the “large” box for $25. Ours is “large” since that’s the only size they used to offer. They’re also looking at adding an egg CSA this fall! That would be fantastic since I still haven’t found a great source of local eggs.

Are you tired of winter veggies? What spring produce are you looking forward to the most?

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Kate March 14, 2011 at 9:20 am

I’m just starting to develop a love for winter veggies, but absolutely not complain about the goods that warmer days will bring us. Our CSA starts in April, but we’ve been frequenting the Farmers Market. Looking forward to grilled veggies and fresh summer salads.


Stacy March 14, 2011 at 4:57 pm

Hooray, you found a CSA! That’s so exciting.


sarah, simply cooked March 27, 2011 at 4:13 am

Ah, Stacy, this reminds me. How do you take these great photos with a black background but really well lit, vibrant veggies? Is there a trick? What light are you using?


Stacy March 27, 2011 at 10:10 pm

Ha! Very carefully. ^_~

My set up is very complex: a $7 end table from Ikea, a white foam board “reflector,” and south-facing sliding doors with the vertical blinds angled to give me indirect sunlight. I adjust the contrast a smidge and add the names. That’s it!

At our old place I used the dining table and had to stand on a chair. This dining room is like a cave.


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