csa share 4/20/10

by Stacy

I’m moving a little slowly today. Last night my friend and I went to an hour-long Bollywood dance class not far from her house. In that hour we did about 10 minutes of warm up followed by 45 minutes or so learning a piece of Indian dance. Those 45 minutes got us about 30 seconds of the actual choreography at speed and a serious work out. It was really fun, but I was really sweaty. Today my back muscles are sore in a good way.

Still, I managed to heave our CSA share home. Wanna see?

First, the roots:

csa share 4/20/10

Radishes, carrots, and beets.

Then the greens (or reds?):

csa share 4/20/10

Red monarch kale, red romaine lettuce, and red chard.

csa share 4/20/10

An ample supply of peas…

csa share 4/20/10

An even more ample supply of broccoli (over 3 pounds!)…

csa share 4/20/10

Micro tatsoi and sprouted wheatberries

csa share 4/20/10

Three pints of delicious ripe strawberries — there are both Albion and Camarosa strawberries in each bin.

A patch of “winter-like” weather (cool and rainy) is approaching so I am thinking of soups and steaming bowls of stir-fry to ward off the damp chill, or maybe something with some spice to keep me warm. A front is moving in and our apartment just gets cold when it’s windy, so tonight is a good night for baking bread or making a big batch of tortillas.

What’s your meal plan this week?

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Bridget April 21, 2010 at 9:38 am

I love the “micro” stuff they give you – sounds to me like good marketing for giving away their seedling thinnings!


stacy April 21, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Actually they had their sprout business first and recently got more land which they’re using for the CSA. The micro greens are bonus items and added variety (and possible overstock?), but they do sell the same products in local grocery stores.

I did try feeding a sprout to my cat, but she only likes the sprouts I am growing. Goodbye, oregano….


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