csa share 6/30/10

by Stacy

This was a hard-won box of vegetables. We pick up at a nearby chiropractic office between 11am-2pm or 3pm-6pm. Today I decided to go before my husband’s work shift so he could have the car and I could stay home and get work done. Except the office was apparently closed this morning, so then I had to drive my husband to work (45 minutes round-trip), go back to the office to pick up the veggies (another 15-20 minutes depending on stoplights), and then have to go pick the hubby up again at 11:30pm. It’s a new pick up spot so there are some kinks to work out (and our CSA guy didn’t know they would be closed this morning), but I didn’t expect to spend quite so much time in the car today.

Good thing the share is full of tasty things. Luckily the sun came out long enough for me to have enough light for photos, too.

csa share 6/30/10

Lots of things this week are green. The pepper is called “Beaver Dam.”

csa share 6/30/10

Some are yellow. The cucumbers are technically white, but they have a creamy tinge.

csa share 6/30/10

Onion sprouts are white and green.

csa share 6/30/10

So are pea shoots which are great. Crunchy and tender at the same time.

csa share 6/30/10

Here is my little hill of beans. These aren’t shelling beans like last time, I think they’re more like the burgundy beans we got last fall. Except … not burgundy.

We also got a bag of spinach that was feeling shy, mostly because half of it (and some fennel) went into my lunch. Recipe coming soon!

A few basic prep ideas in lieu of recipes this week:

  • Pea shoots: heat neutral oil in a skillet, add minced garlic, stir 30 seconds, add pea shoots, stir until wilted, serve sprinkled with coarse salt
  • Celery and carrots: add leeks or onion for soup stocks (mirepoix!), or add diced/grated to potato or bean salads
  • Fennel and carrots (and summer squash?): (sweet potatoes and onions are good, too) toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast at 425F for 30-45 minutes, stirring a few times until caramelized
  • Chard: also good sauteed with garlic, but longer, the stir into mashed potatoes (amazing with kale)

I have to think on the rest. Also I have about 3 recipes to post so I need to edit photos for you guys. I’m a giver.

What was in your CSA share this week?

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