Eating for Energy – a FREE teleclass!

by Stacy



1. The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.
2. A feeling of possessing such strength and vitality.

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How do you feel when you get up in the morning?

Do you bounce out of bed, ready to face the day? Or, more likely, do you curse the bleating alarm under your breath as you grope for the snooze button, telling yourself, “Just five more minutes,” and wish you could make your morning coffee via telekinesis?

Please join me on Monday, June 27 at 6pm PST/9pm EST for a FREE one-hour teleclass on Eating for Energy.

We will discuss:

  • What energy is
  • The factors that contribute to our energy
  • Foods which can increase or decrease our energy
  • Other areas that drain energy from our lives

If you could use a boost, are tired of feeling tired, or can’t imagine a life without caffeine, this teleclass is for you.

What’s a teleclass?

A teleclass is a convenient lecture format that lets people participate in a discussion from all over the country or the world. Participants are given a phone number and PIN code to dial and access the call.

How much does it cost?

Zero! Just an hour of your time. If you don’t have any energy, you’d probably just be sitting around anyway…

What if I’m busy that night?

That’s ok. Register anyway and you, along with the live participants of the call, will have access to a recording of the call the next day.

Great! How do I sign up?

Just fill in your information below and click SUBMIT. You will need to confirm your email address to get the dialing instructions. Can’t wait to talk with you!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Please check out my events page for upcoming classes and workshops.

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