first day of summer

by Stacy

Summer has finally arrived! After a few tauntingly hot days sprinkled in the mix, it’s been warm and sunny. Today was rainy, but the garden has been loving all the weather we’ve had. I’m still fighting the aphid invasion, but a good sign: I found a lady bug on my pepper plant! I hope the lady bug brings some friends to eat at the aphid buffet.

Still, I am happy with other progress:

early girl tomatoes - june 20

Early Girl tomatoes are just starting to turn red! Other than this bunch, I have a second small group on another branch.

roma tomato - june 20

Each of my four Roma tomato plants has a tomato plus more flowers!

jalapeno peppers - june 20

New! Not one but TWO jalapeno peppers on my plant!

lettuce mix - june 20

The mixed lettuce is moved into the shade to prevent it from overheating.

red pepper - june 20

A few red peppers have been popping up, too. Hopefully they will recover from the aphids. Siiiiiigh. This morning I went in with gloves and picked/knocked off all the aphids I could, poured water on them, and then spritzed them gently with a natural insecticide that the hubby picked up for me. Fingers are crossed!

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