garden center visit

by Stacy

We share a car, so this morning I dropped my husband off at work and popped by the garden center, land of danger and mystery and lovely things. On my list: citrus fertilizer for our lime tree and mint and basil plants. I did plant basil seeds, but they are not yet big enough to harvest and we are hungry here. I’ve also been missing fresh mint more than I thought I would — it makes awesome tea, too!

What I ended up with: basil, French tarragon (!?!), and spearmint…

garden center goodies

… and …

untamed heart hibiscus

… this hibiscus.

The lime tree looked lonely, so I got it a friend. It’s an “Untamed Heart,” with gorgeous deep red blossoms. I will keep track of this one and post more when it blooms. So excited!

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