garden update, july 27

by Stacy

garden update  - july 27

My red bell pepper is just starting to barely blush pink. My Roma tomatoes are doing well while the Early Girl is producing too few delicious fruits. I may have pruned a bit over-zealously early on. Whoops.

While my jalapenos are also doing great, the other two red peppers are still fighting aphids. I finally broke off some of the worst-hit areas, and they have managed to produce some peppers instead of the blossoms being killed by pests before fruit could form.

My basil, which I sprouted quite late, is juuuuuust getting big enough to start harvesting, but barely. Luckily, my rosemary, Italian flat-leaf parsley, and mint have tided me over, but the basil will be nice to have. My arugula is taking hold well, but the dill looks a tad spindly. We shall see.

And a gratuitous macro shot of a gerber daisy, because I can:

gerber daisy

I’m not one to take flower photos that often, but it looked so cheery this morning that I couldn’t resist.

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