home and back again

by Stacy

After six weeks of unrepentant sunshine, I had to get back to some good Midwestern gloom. I spent five days over a long weekend in Minneapolis playing host to my mom’s college roommate who was in town visiting from Vienna, Austria. We had a wonderful time visiting with her and her husband, touring museums and eating Italian food.

It was a strange feeling to be “home” but not at my home, and while it’s nice to be back with my spouse and kitties (and my own pillow and bed) in the sunshine, I miss everyone!

Good thing I have plenty to keep me occupied now that I’m back. Now that the living room is painted, I have matching throw pillows to stitch up, a warm-up project before wrestling 20 yards of fabric into new curtains for our bedroom.

The garden is flourishing, with a few cherry tomatoes ripening each day and flowers on the others. Herbs are sprouted and growing, the kale, fennel, and arugula look more substantial each day, and my flower seeds are shooting up green leaves. Today’s most exciting discovery, though, was three of these:

future margaritas of america

Tiny buds on our lime tree! Reading up on dwarf citrus trees raised in containers made it seem like we might not see fruit for years. I am looking forward to harvesting our first fruit.

We have a lot of home projects going on and I will attempt to get photos decent enough to post! Oh, and apple crisp. Stay tuned for that. Yum.

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