home is where your tree is?

by Stacy

Sunday I spent the day unpacking while the hubby was at work. When he was done, we packed up the last of the hotel room and officially moved! Of course, the first available appointment for internet installation wasn’t until Wednesday morning. And here we are!

We are settling in. A handful of boxes are still in Minnesota, so we’re missing an odd assortment of items: a pizza pan, my shoes, the bathroom rug, etc. They’ll be here in the next month or so, however, so we don’t want to run out and replace them, either. Before I left, I also sold some of our furniture that needs to be replaced, and we now have a two-bedroom apartment instead of one. It’s a balance of finding what we need quickly, but not sacrificing finding what we want for speed and ease. Oh, and we don’t know where any stores are in town.

The stores we did manage to find: IKEA, Home Depot, and Armstrong Garden Center. From said stores, we have acquired a desk, a drill, and a dwarf lime tree, respectively (and among other things).

bearss lime tree

It’s a little strange to us to plant seeds in late September, but we’ll have a fall garden. And this lime tree (pardon the terrible photo, it was NOT my photography day) should be just fine on the sunny corner of our patio! Once I can manage to take some less-terrible photos, I’ll have a little garden update.

Don’t worry! I have some baking coming up this weekend, and some cooking before that can happen. It will get more interesting, I promise!

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