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by Stacy

Hello? Hello???

Sorry, I didn’t mean to vanish. Friday night at 7pm I accepted a job. Saturday morning I started it. I’m working from home (upside: working in jammies; downside: always “at work”) doing some temporary customer service and website support for an online vendor — I found out about it through my cousin who also works for them. After spending the last few days learning what I’m doing, I’ve found that I get tired of looking at the computer and need some time staring at something else.

Great, you may be thinking, that means you’ve been cooking and baking to decompress!

Unfortunately, no. I’ve been making either repeats of dishes I’ve already posted or boring stuff to use up CSA veggies that turn out fine, but not exciting or pretty enough to justify taking photos or sharing. Lame, I know.

But you may have noticed that the feed settings changed again. I don’t like the automatic excerpt setting but have yet to figure out how to make a jump work with the WordPress theme I use. If any brilliant people have thoughts on this, let me know!

Anyhoo, I do have two posts in the works, I just have to make myself sit down, edit the photos, and write them. I also have a few Christmas-related posts, but since my family reads this, I am trying to stay spoiler-free.

So how is your Christmas shopping going? Anything fun on your list?

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