lunch of champions

by Stacy

All I do is eat. Or so it seems according to my blog and my dishwasher. Yikes.

When lunchtime rolled around, I was hungry. And craving artichokes. So I threw together a never-fail lunch specialty: pasta with whatever veggies I can find. Covered in cheese.

angel hair with artichokes

My favorite pasta to use for lunch is angel hair, simply because it cooks so fast. Lunch! Hungry! Now!

While the water for the pasta boiled, I sauteed: half an onion (diced), a spring onion (sliced thinly), a Roma tomato (diced), four artichoke hearts (quartered, from a can), and a clove of garlic (minced). Let that all soften up while you cook the pasta for a few minutes (this brand takes about 4 minutes).

Drain the pasta and put it in a pasta bowl. Add a spritz of lemon juice, a dash of salt and a few grinds of black pepper to your veggie pan. Serve on top of the pasta, covered with Parmesan cheese and sliced scallions or spring onion greens.

angel hair with artichokes

This basic recipe works with most veggies and also various types of cheese! Those artichokes sure hit the spot, though.

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