men and the use of pronouns

by Stacy

Men always seem to complain that women are mysterious and confusing. However, my husband has been speaking “man” lately. (I am not yelling at you, sweetie. I love you, and that is why I stay up late making you baked goods.)

For instance, yesterday I got a text message from my darling spouse that read, “FYI, I need to make cupcakes for work tomorrow.”
My reply: How many of what flavor?
Him: Celebratory motivational cupcakes, probably 18.

My real question, however, was what he meant by “I.” In his defense, he did argue correctly that I wouldn’t want him to buy cupcakes because they’re so easy to make and it’s cheaper. But he did not make cupcakes last night, that’s for sure!

cupcakes: taste like motivation

Do those look “celebratory motivational” flavored? (Pardon the terrible lighting, it was really late.)

funfetti for all

Because nothing says “good work, team” like Funfetti and tinsel toppers. I also packed them into my cake-taker and a lidded-handled cake pan for him to take to work. I wish I had a picture of that!

Work has been really crazy. I have been debating a post about why it is so crazy in this particular instance, but I can’t quite decide. Plus, I’m sneaking this post in when I should really be making some phone calls and writing checklists. Back to that!

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