my mama loves me

by Stacy

This is on its way to me!

Bandha Dress from Patagonia

Another item I kind of love? This skirt from Dorothy Perkins (via Outblush). Considering how much time I spent putting away laundry yesterday, I can tell you that I do not need this, despite the fact that it is adorable. I also spent some time ogling the lululemon boutique on RueLaLa, but decided that I probably don’t need fancy yoga clothes since I don’t do much yoga. I should. But I don’t.

Speaking of ogling, I am not allowed to go to modista either. We’re moving. I don’t need MORE shoes to pack. Some people who may or may not be my spouse seem to think I have (more than) enough already. I disagree, as more shoes would totally fit on my shelves. See?

organized shoes

See? PLENTY of space in the upper left corner! Plus, what can go on shoe shelves other than shoes?

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