my new garbage disposal

by Stacy

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we ordered some worms for our compost bin! The shipping and customer service have been great from Red Worm Composting. The worms arrived during a crazy busy week at my house. My husband got home from a 14-hour day (I was still at a 16-hour work day), unpacked them, and poured them in the compost bin.

The weather then jumped from temperate 70s to mid-90s, which the worms did not like. There was a night time mutiny and escape attempt which resulted in the death of a number of worms. Now I am careful to move the bin to the shade each morning and evening. I also added a thick layer of damp shredded paper, egg cartons, and cardboard for worm bedding to keep them shaded and cool. They are much happier!

Normally I try to get a photo in all my posts, but worm photos just aren’t that compelling, particularly after all the food posts as of late. Instead, here is a picture of my manual (catual?) cardboard shredder.

shredder set to "fine"

We’re still tweaking the system. It’s currently set to “fine shred,” and I was going for a slightly larger pieces…

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evie June 26, 2009 at 5:24 pm

In my normal TLDR fashion, I was baffled by why you were talking about worms and posting pictures of cats.

damn you, you made me read.


stacy June 26, 2009 at 11:31 pm

Ironic juxtaposition FTW!


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