one year ago: agrigento and scopello

by Stacy

Last year at this, my mother and I were in Sicily. We chose the destination because the dates of the Rick Steves tour fit into my summer work schedule. Two women in our tour group chose the trip because they flipped open a travel book to a random page and it opened to the Valley of Temples in Agrigento, Sicily. That is where we were one year ago today!

Agrigento - Valley of Temples

Agrigento - Valley of Temples

Sicily is absolutely beautiful. After we left the archaeological site, our next stop was tiny Scopello. Here is the view from above (mama and me):

Above Scopello

Sicily is a locavore’s dream as they grow just about anything except pineapples there. Tomatoes, oranges (especially “arancia,” or blood oranges), lemons, and almonds are just a few things you see for amazingly low prices at the market. One of my few souvenirs (other than a short-lived tan!) was a cookbook. I will try to make a few recipes I haven’t tried yet and post them!

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