pumpkinpalooza – pumpkin sage pasta

by Stacy

In an effort to use up more pumpkin, I put it in pasta! I’m too lazy to make pasta or sheets of ravioli, etc. I just sauteed it with some sage and butter and called it a day.

Sometimes simple is best, yes?

pumpkin sage pasta

Put some pasta on to boil.

Dice some roasted pumpkin. Chop up some fresh sage (thank you, CSA). Melt some butter in a skillet. Add the sage and stir until fragrant. Add pumpkin. Saute until lightly browned.

pumpkin sage pasta

Add pasta and a bit of pasta water. Salt (this is key). Add pepper. Eat.

Good times.

I’m not a big salt person. A number of “good” restaurant meals have been rejected as too salty. I use a bare minimum of salt in my own cooking, but pumpkin does NOT have a strong flavor on its own. You need to add enough salt to give it some oomph. I’m all about oomph.

I’m also all about $5 happy hour martinis which may or may not have contributed to this post. Sorry, full disclosure.

pumpkin sage pasta

But not a bad use for pasta. Add some fiber and color to a potentially boring meal. Fresh sage never hurts. I don’t usually have it, so dried would work as well.

I also added some chopped lettuce. Not a salad person? Lettuce of all types works great in stir-fry or wilted. While I find salads refreshing sometimes, I do not consider them a meal unto themselves and like to incorporate greens into my diet in other, warmer ways. This one is simple, but tasty.

Now go make some peanut butter cookies. You will thank and curse me. I promise. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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