rainy day rhubarb

by Stacy

After a string of beautiful sunny days, today is chilly, gray, and rainy. It’s actually good because we really need the rain, but it made for a soggy trip to the farmers’ market this morning. The husband grudgingly accompanied me; it’s not his favorite activity, but he was lured by the promise of rhubarb. We found a good parking spot, so it wasn’t bad.

My actual goal? Two dozen of the amazing eggs from Sleeping Cat Farms. Done. En route, we saw giant bunches of rhubarb. Six dollars bought this:

giant rhubarb!

If you click the photo and select the bigger size, you can see the scale reading 3 pounds, 11 ounces. That should make any rhubarb dessert of my husband’s choosing (his reward for going along).

I couldn’t resist a fragrant bunch of spring onions for $1.

spring onions

And I also got my eggs. Yum.

Imagine my surprise after we got home, I unloaded the produce, and turned around to see my grocery bag possessed!

cat's still in the bag

The cat is now out of the bag.

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