stacy blue ramekins

by Stacy

Recently, I was lamenting my lack of certain kitchen items, including (but not limited to) ramekins.

Luckily, I went on a grand shopping expedition with my mother, her best friend, and my godmother (visiting from out-of-town). We hit up an outlet mall about half an hour northwest of my parents’ house which has grown in the last few years, but has also reduced the number of actual outlet store there. We still found some goodies, including some super-cute fall clothes for my Adorable Baby Niece, and these:

blue ramekin

Fiesta 4″ Ramekins in Peacock. I really wanted half in this color (also known to my family and friends as “Stacy Blue”) and half in green, but they didn’t have the green ones. So sad.

blue fiestaware ramekin

My husband was only somewhat put out that I got dishes mere weeks before we have to ship said dishes across the country, but I had them nicely wrapped for packing. And I love them. It didn’t hurt that I made mini-nectarine crisps in them and fed him one.

If you also need a set, they do sell them on Amazon in a whole rainbow of beautiful colors. I have a Fiesta “sauce boat” in ivory that was my grandmother’s that will look lovely against the bright blue.

Oh, please excuse the wrinkled linen napkin. There’s just something about linen napkins that I love, but the wrinkle-factor isn’t it. We got this gorgeous set from Crate & Barrel as a wedding gift, but the stitching is coming out! They have a gorgeous leaf pattern embroidered on them. I was working on repairing what I could when I decided to use one as a background for contrast. Hopefully they will survive the wash!

So what else do I need to make now that I have ramekins? Creme brulee… more pudding… tiny gratins….

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