Super Awesome Summer Session

Summer is an amazing time to tune-up your healthy habits: fresh food, great weather, and no pesky holiday centered around cookie exchanges.

Great! You can just whip out the willpower you’ve been storing in your closet along with your swimsuit and get ready. Right?

If only it was that easy.

“If only I had willpower…”

“If only I could lose that last 5 pounds…”

“If only I wasn’t so lazy…”

… Then what? You’d jump on your magical unicorn and ride over the rainbow into Perfect Magazineland where everyone (including yourself) is tan and toned and deliriously happy?

That’s just not how it works.

  • You don’t like how you feel (or look) in a swimsuit. Or a business suit.
  • You know you should eat better, and you could, but you don’t.
  • You’re smart. You know exactly what you need to do. You have no idea why you’re not doing it.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

…Maybe you’re tired of doing everything yourselfand you just want someone to tell you what to do and have it work….Perhaps you’re scared that asking for help will give away the fact that you’re not as put together as people think….You think you should be able to figure this out on your own; it’s a waste to spend money like that on yourself.

If you’re not happy where you are, doing what you’re doing isn’t going to change your results.

Maybe you’ve tried before. You’ve set your mind to changing your habits – maybe you’ve recruited a buddy or even joined Weight Watchers or the gym. Why waste time and money on something that won’t work? Or maybe you haven’t even bothered to try because you know you’ll fail.

“I was using the “I’m too busy…” excuse so much that I knew I had to bring in a pro to help me make some changes that I wasn’t making happen on my own.– Paige Lysaght, coaching client

Coaching is different.

You get a safe space to work through the areas you feel stuck. You don’t just get information, you get strategies for real action and concrete results. You get support, not just from me, but from the other members of the group. We are all on this journey together.

“I don’t think enough of us realize that having a coach is like having a partner, someone in your corner ready to cheer you on… and it’s amazing what you can do once you realize you have that person!” – Kim Burnell, coaching client

Super Awesome Summer Session!

If you want amazing support to make real changes this summer, join us for the Super Awesome Summer Session.

This 12 week program kicks off June 25th and includes:

  • A group kick-off call to set you up for success
  • A group wrap-up call to synthesize what you learn
  • 6 group coaching calls to guide you
  • 2 individual coaching sessions for one-on-one breakthroughs
  • Weekly email assignments to keep you on track
  • A private Facebook group for accountability and support
  • Bonus content from guest experts on time management, organization, and more

We’ll tackle habits for healthy eating, time management to fit it all in, and the right mindset to make it happen. Want a sneak peek? Check out the syllabus.

You could do this by yourself. But you don’t have to.

What do you want your life to look like? Is what you’re doing right now helping you get there? If not, you need try something else.

After the program you will feel SUPER AWESOME! You’ll get 3 months of amazing support to transform your life.

  • Look and feel better in your swim suit or out.
  • Discover what’s holding you back from eating in a way that energizes you and makes you feel good.
  • Learn what’s keeping you stuck and get the tools to empower you to move confidently toward your goals.

Kicks off June 25th – registration open until July 5th. 12 weeks. Small group setting. All the support you need. You’re worth it.

Your investment is just $497

(the same as one month of individual coaching with me)
Are you ready to make real changes in your life?

CLICK HERE to join

Not sure? That’s totally OK. Let’s talk about if this is the right fit for you.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free 15-minute spotlight session. No obligation, just options.

“I felt like I could trust you and that you were always there supporting me and my decisions. I don’t think there are other venues to receive the support to change than there is with this just because of how it encompasses your entire life.”Kimberly Gunderson, coaching client

Bad-Ass Bonus Content

I may be a research junkie, but I don’t know everything! I love to bring in guest experts to share their knowledge with my groups. Here’s who you’ll get so far:

From Overwhelmed to Organized

A former professional ballroom dancer and event planner, Melinda Massie is the owner of Organizing with a Side of Fabulous in Fort Worth, Texas.

If your home is a hot mess of clutter, she’ll help you take control over the clutter and make your home fabulous. In 2011, she was recognized as the city’s “Best Personal Organizer” by Fort Worth, Texas magazine, and her company was voted as “Most Glamorous” in StartupNation’s 2011 Home-Based 100 competition. In her free time she enjoys yoga, food and champagne.

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Time Management Ninja Skills

Marissa Brassfield is ridiculously efficient. She’s a productivity expert, high-performance author and specialist in communication efficiency. Marissa has written over 10,000 supercharged articles for brands and publications like Nokia, Yahoo, PayScale, Trend Hunter, Lifehack, Foodista and LifeScript, generating over 40,000,000 views.

Marissa is infamous for her ability to track, hack and attack workflows for maximum efficiency. She’s supercharged productivity in editorial departments and helped blogging teams, solopreneurs and startup executives do more in less time with her 10-step road map to being ridiculously efficient in the workplace.

When Marissa isn’t working, she’s probably training for an obstacle race or recovering from one. As part of her ridiculously efficient approach to fitness, Marissa competes in at least one mud run a month, from short Warrior Dash races to intense Tough Mudder events, and will have done 16 by the end of 2012.

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Encouraging Creativity

Marianne Mullen is a “cultivator of creativity” and dedicated to awakening creative potential in every person.

Marianne longed for creativity and decided to do something about it. She has walked the walk – talked the talk, done the whining, then made the decision to change, adopted a creativity mindset, and created a new life for herself. Today she lives the life she wants to live. She awakened her creative voice and now inspires and motivates others to do the same.

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