sweet home, california

by Stacy

We made it! Six days, almost 2500 miles, seven states, several tanks of gas, two stops by border patrol, lots of mountains, a few pit stops, and one terrible cold got me (and the kitties) to California. Big shouts out to my dad who got me as far as Denver and sat through the longest dentist’s appointment of my life, and to my blogging nemesis, Ronnie, who drove more than her share while I developed a raging fever while crossing the desert and also resisted killing either me or the cats. Even when the cats slept on her in Albuquerque. Whoops.

As briefly mentioned above, I am sick. I came down with some sort of cold and have a fever and am not feeling 100%. Because of my illness, I haven’t seen much of the area yet, or even done much to settle in. Today I started to download and process my photos from the trip, so I hope to get those up soon.

Tomorrow, my husband has the day off, so I suggested that we not worry about finding a place to live, me looking for a job, or any of that mundane stuff. Instead, we’re going to have a play day and find something relaxing and fun to do on our anniversary weekend.

One year ago this weekend: The Republican National Convention was in town. We got a Wii.

Two years ago this weekend: We drove to a wedding in Lawrence, Kansas, then stopped by to help set up the nursery for my soon-to-arrive (now 21-month-old) niece.

Three years ago this weekend: It was pouring rain. Dozens of guests came in to town, including my host family from Japan, and we were thrilled to celebrate our wedding with all of them.

This year I was actually in Phoenix, Arizona on our anniversary, so we’re celebrating it belatedly. Works for me!

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