tech rehearsal, day 1

by Stacy

A lot of things went well yesterday. Other things did not.

For the last few weeks I have been collection emergency contact information for our cast and production staff (fine, easy, taken care of in rehearsal the first day), and for the group of more than 50 senior citizens who are performing at the show (in smaller groups).

Last night I had to call 911 at rehearsal for one of them. She was fine, but the EMTs still came as we wanted to make sure. It was a good thing I had her emergency information and could call her husband.

I got home to find myself banned from a forum of which I was a member for some drama that I missed and don’t even know what it’s about. Explaining that took a while.

This morning is not starting well, either. Grump grump grump. Hopefully more coffee will prop me up, and I might work fast when I am crabby because I don’t care if I sound mean. Sorry, cast, shouldn’t send rude emails to the person with the god mic first thing in the morning.

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