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If so, please join me and health coach Jackie Vecchio every other Thursday as we chat about how to best live your #healthylife.

Whether you are newly embarked on your journey to health or a seasoned veteran of the healthy living path, we can all do better and we can all use support. We’ll cover more traditional topics like food and fitness, but also holistic themes like relationships, career, and spirituality. Everyone’s perspective is valuable!

Who: @stacyblue and @jackievecchio1
What: #healthylife is a supportive chat community to help you identify and overcome the obstacles that keep you from flourishing. Our goal is to provoke discussion, learning, and action to help you lead your best life.
When: Every other Thursday, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern (chat lasts 1 hour)
Where: Follow the hashtag #healthychat on Twitter
Why: We could all use support and find ways to expand our lives. Join us!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Next chat:

Date: Thursday, March 15
Topic: Principles of PLEASURE! (Don’t feel bad, just join us.)

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