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A lack of updates doesn’t mean I’m dead, I just have a lack of material. The last few days were spent laying low and recovering from the virus I caught somewhere during the move. We’re living in the hotel where my husband works until we find a place to live, so I don’t have a kitchen (read: no food posts!).

This morning we looked at two apartments. One could be a maybe, the other was a big no. Tomorrow the hubby has the day off, so we’re going to a neighborhood that several people have recommended and checking out a few different places. It will be nice to find a home so we can actually settle in with our own stuff.

Despite being in southern California, I managed to eat through the entire vegetarian spectrum of the hotel’s menu in two days. My next plan: Operation Befriend a Chef. I will update as my plan progresses. However, I did start a photo project documenting all of my room service meals. I have high hopes.

Yesterday I got hideously lost finding the pet store. The kitties, while generally awesome on the trip, really like the logistics of the hotel furniture for a scratching post. Hence my trip to Petsmart, the best-kept secret in San Diego. Despite ample signage, there is only one door into Petsmart which is referenced, but not identified. I found three other people also looking for this elusive entrance, so it wasn’t just me. After all my struggles, not only did I get a scratching post out of the deal, I also made friends with one of the other lost pet owners. I’m going to call her to hang out later this week.

Tomorrow, after apartment-hunting, we’ve got plans to meet up with some old coworkers of my husband’s who moved out here earlier this year. It will be nice to get out of the hotel and to spend time with some familiar faces.

The other day I did manage to go for a short walk/hike. We’re very near the Torrey Pines State Reserve which actually has the closest path down to the beach. I wasn’t up for the steep half-mile trail, so I just snapped some photos and headed back to the hotel.

pinecones in torrey pines

The park is lovely and I’m excited to investigate it a bit more now that I’m feeling better. I may throw a few more photos up here for fun later, but I can’t look at my photo editor any more today!

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Dandy September 11, 2009 at 2:57 pm

I’m glad you found the Petsmart!

Welcome to So Cal, glad to hear you made it in one piece! Good luck on the apartment hunt… there are sooo many areas of San Diego :)


stacy September 12, 2009 at 3:34 pm

The Petsmart was easy to FIND, it was just hard to get inside!

Thank you! Having had a chance to explore, we’re feeling a little more confident in our choices. We put in an application yesterday, and if they can figure out how to verify the income of a freelance self-employed person, perhaps they’ll even let us move in next week.


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