disappointing trip

by Stacy

A trip to the garden center was in order as I needed more potting mix (the downside to not having a yard: buying dirt), so I hit up the Home Depot for that, some tomato stakes, and unglazed quarry tiles.

Random? Maybe. After acquiring a new pizza peel, I have been looking for a baking stone. Several baking websites (including this post at Pete Bakes) specifically mention using unglazed quarry tiles from Home Depot to make your own super-cheap baking stone. Except that Home Depot does not carry them anymore. You can special order a case of quarry tiles. I do not want a case. I want six. As the sales associate who was “helping” me was failing to understand that, I am now in search of a different source of unglazed quarry tiles.

At least I got my bag of dirt. I grabbed my drill and went to put some drainage holes in the bottoms of my pots, but my battery was not charged enough. Grrr. So no tiles, no re-potting today, and no planting lettuce seeds. Bummer!

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