flowers before fruit

by Stacy

I may not have accomplished a lot today, but I did spend some time “in” the garden. We’ve had just enough warm weather now that my plants are experiencing growth spurts. The most exciting thing, however, is that everything has flowers!

gerber daisy blooming

My husband bought me a Gerber daisy on a whim. After the first blooms died, he thought the plant was spent, but I watered it and it is flourishing. While I would normally choose growing veggies over flowers, I do enjoy them a lot.

And now, my veggies have flowers! I posted earlier about my blossoming tomatoes, but I was particularly ecstatic to find these today:

jalapeno blossom!
red pepper!

My jalapeno pepper (top) and red bell pepper (bottom) are both flowering, as is another red pepper plant. I was really worried about my jalapeno that was so wind-damaged, but it seems to be pulling through!

After acquiring another bag of dirt, I finally got around to planting the lettuce seeds I got from Eve. I also planted some chive seeds that will hopefully replace the scraggly chive plant that has never been robust enough to harvest, yet will not die.

My patio is starting to run out of containers and space, and I still want a zucchini! To be fair, my husband likes peppers better, anyway.

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