garden update, august 11

by Stacy

Like everywhere else, our weather has been bizarre lately. It got hot early, giving a nice growth spurt to my garden, but then it got chilly and gray. It’s either near-drought, or torrential rain. The last few days have been hot and humid – not the most pleasant, but more typical of Minnesota in August.

The rain-followed-by-sun has given a nice boost to my plants. The jalapeno pepper is still doing well (and producing the most potent jalapenos I have ever had!), and I have at least one bell pepper on each of my plants — I harvested my first red pepper today! I also accidentally harvested a tiny green pepper. Oops.

But today’s story is my Early Girl tomato plant. I may have pruned a bit over-zealously earlier in the summer, so while it has been producing fruit, it’s only been a few at a time. The last two days have provided an explosion of flowers! I only hope they ripen fast enough that I get to enjoy them before I leave the state. Check this out:

early girl tomato - aug 11

early girl flowers - aug 11

early girl tomato - aug 11

That’s all the same plant! Those teeny little pea-sized tomatoes just starting out are so cute, aren’t they?

I’m very sad that I will have to leave my garden behind. Not only is it too difficult to transport, California’s agricultural restrictions won’t allow us to bring it along anyway. However, I am leaving it behind with some friends who just bought a house and didn’t get to start a garden this year. And I’m looking forward to starting fresh when I arrive!

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Willow August 12, 2009 at 11:57 am

Hi Stacy,
I just figured out WHERE you’re moving. The climate in LJ is mediterranean and you are going to LOVE it! You’ll be able to grow tomatoes almost the whole year. Think mediterranean food and imagine growing ALL those veggies and herbs.

My youngest dd lives a little farther south (yeah can’t go much farther, I know, without bumping in to a border) and my oldest son is going to be moving from AZ to intern in LJ! Small world.

I’m excited to read more about your trip and new location.


stacy August 12, 2009 at 12:18 pm

Hehehe. I am very excited for the long growing season as well as the change in scenery. Oh, and a lack of full weeks of sub-zero temperatures.

It is a small world! I’m excited for it, too, and I hope I get some good posts out of it. And if the Professor needs a stage manager, let me know! 😉


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