packing, continued

by Stacy

We started packing already for our move across the country, but you can only pack so much when you’re both still working and eating and throwing a going-away party. Now that my show is closed, the party is thrown, and… well, we’re still eating — anyway, we’re making some progress.

Conveniently, our current apartment has amazing closets. They’re part of the tour, simply because next to the run-of-the-mill coat closet just inside the front door lies the Ginormous Closet of Doom which is larger than the bathroom. It’s excellent. It’s like a basement. Among the things we stashed and left in there: piles and piles of boxes. Our plan has always been to move out of state, the plans just kept getting pushed back. Still, we held onto hope and boxes. And it paid off.


The walls are bare. The shelves are mostly-empty or disassembled. The yard sale pile is ever-growing.


As are the stacks of boxes.

Today I scheduled the arrival and shipping of our relocation cube. This took a bit of doing to coordinate with our apartment building, but I feel better now that it’s taken care of — yet terrified that in 16 days my belongings will start their trek across the country.

And so will I.

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