jam packed! or just packed. no jam.

by Stacy

Apologies in advance for a lame post!

Today my parents came over to help me pack. The apartment was to a point where I needed an outside eye (and sometimes just an extra set of hands) to really get things moving. We disassembled a bunch of furniture and put most of my kitchen in boxes. I’m down to my coffee pot and toaster oven until Friday when they’re coming back to take apart the bed and pack the computer. Then I’m moving to their house for the last week or so. Hopefully at their house I will have some time to cook and post about it!

The next two weeks are a little crazy with last-minute errands. The cats need to go to the vet, the car needs an oil change and scheduled maintenance before the road trip, prescriptions and dry-cleaning and repaired shoes need to be picked up. Utilities, mail, insurance… hair cut! I’m also working on planning some scenic stops on my drive out to California, and trying to book hotels along the way. So far, we have a room in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What I am excited about is taking two DSLR classes – one this week, one next week – so that I can actually feel more confident about my new camera. Having never taken a photography class of any kind, I think it will be good for me. Since moving has trumped playing with my camera, I’m looking forward to actually learning how to use it. We shall see!

Lack of interesting content is not lack of activity over here, just lack of compelling blogging material. Back soon!

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