two weeks' notice

by Stacy

This morning we had brunch with friends at Maria’s Cafe. We tend to eat a lot of “farewell brunches” there. Our good friend James is an architect currently rebuilding the Gulf Coast, and we have celebrated his return and departure a number of times at the same table at which we sat today.

A highlight from brunch was that our friends’ baby has finally grown into the onesie I made her. Her parents split a side of bacon, naturally.

baby bacon

After brunch was some last-minute packing, a brief nap, then a trip to the airport. My husband is currently tucked into his hotel room with a view of palm trees and a golf course in southern California. I still have some packing to do.

My plan is to drive out in two weeks. In Denver (about halfway) I will be joined by my BFF/frenemy who will drive with me the second half of the trip. We’re looking for scenic spots along/near the way, though.

So far we have found The Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, the High Road to Taos in New Mexico, and a few other possibilities of scenic byways and sites in the area.

Any suggestions? I’ve never been to the Southwest at all! We aren’t in a huge hurry, but would prefer it be mostly on the way. There will also be two cats that can’t be left alone in the car, so scenery may be better than actual sites.

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