last garden update for may!

by Stacy

We’ve had some beautiful warm and sunny days, and the garden is really responding. My husband, who has always been helpful with the garden, is also resigning himself a bit more to its existence. There is slightly less sighing and shaking of his head. In fact, he offered, unprompted, to drive to the suburbs (!) to buy me worms (!!) for the compost bin!!! I am pretty sure he has not been abducted by aliens, but will keep you posted.

I took these photos yesterday, then did a little pruning and weeding today. All four Roma tomatoes have blossoms, the Early girl still looks great, and my arugula is really taking off. Everything else is fine, but these were the most interesting for photos! My jalapeno pepper took a real beating from the recent windy weather and is finally starting to look healthier again.

early girl tomatoes, 5.30.09

roma tomato blossom 5.30.09

arugula, 5.30.09

After a minor fiasco with some sprouts left outside at night during gale-force winds, I also planted a few basil and sage seeds today. Hopefully they will fare better. And tomorrow also means a trip to the store for more potting mix so I can get my lettuce seeds in, too! The same friend who gave me the lettuce seeds is also going to give me her extra zucchini plant she sprouted. Yum!

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Jackie @ June 4, 2009 at 3:47 am

It’s funny. I just came across your post. My husband and I are planting the exact same variety of tomatoes. They are at the same stage. We also planted Thai chiles and Habaneros but they haven’t fruited yet.


stacy June 4, 2009 at 12:21 pm

Hey Jackie, thanks for stopping by! Last summer was my first year of patio gardening so my only non-herb produce was tomatoes and zucchini. I am pretty excited about the peppers!

I checked out your site and will check back! Lots of tasty stuff!


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