photography secrets, revealed!

by Stacy

Ok, so not really. I take all of my photos (except for a few I will post this week) with my trusty Canon PowerShot SD600, which my husband and I bought ourselves as a wedding present in 2006. It has just enough settings to be versatile, and few enough settings to be easy-to-use. I don’t have Photoshop, and actually edit all my photos in either Windows Photo Gallery (ghetto, I know), or Picnik on Flickr.

My food photos are all shot with no flash, usually with a macro setting, with as much natural light as possible. That’s my whole bag of tricks!

Obviously, it will not give the quality of a DSLR, but I get by. The one disappointment I have with my little point-and-shoot is not being able to take decent pictures of one of my cats. We have two. Artemis is a “blue and cream,” so her colors are easy to see, and she also sits still a lot. Not so for the other. Ninja is all black. Using a flash, she is a blob of glare with demon eyes. Without flash, she is a blurry blob. Cannot win!

These are probably the best photos I have taken of each cat:

that little kitty

this little kitty

Let us compare to the kitty photo shoot I did with my friend’s Canon DSLR last week. I apologize for the ridiculous amount of photos of two lazy cats. But they’re mine. And such nice quality pics of them!

Here is the easier-to-photograph cat. She refused to budge from my friend’s suitcase all day.



Naughty Ninja below.

ninja lou kitty


The amount of detail you can see instead of “black blob” is so impressive to me! I am easily amused.

Over the long weekend I got to play paparazzo with her fancy camera, so a few more escapades will show up! There are cooking photos, lots of food and drinks, and some urban street adventuring. But these are the only photos I will post of my cats. For now. I promise.

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enkiwa June 2, 2009 at 12:47 pm
Install the chdk firmware hack on the SD600, and you can do substantially more DSLRy things with it. Also scripted picture taking modes, which DSLR can’t do at all.
Non destructive, just need to slightly modify the SD card you put in the camera.


stacy June 2, 2009 at 12:58 pm

I have it! I never installed it, though, because I lost my card reader. My new laptop has an internal one, but I haven’t tried it since then.


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