this week in the garden

by Stacy

It’s a beautiful 75 degrees right now! Outside! And sunny!

The last week or so has been a weather roller coaster with near-freezing temperatures at night and extremely strong winds for a few days. Up this high, the wind is especially strong, and some of the smaller pots had to live inside for several days. My jalapeno got a little damaged, but will hopefully pull through!

Here is everything at the moment, including my daisy.

patio garden, may 18

The most obvious progress is still my Early Girl tomato plant:

tasty tomatoes

flourishing flowers

The peppers and Roma tomatoes are still doing fine, but not as exciting to look at. The other plants with some nice visible growth are my arugula and spearmint:

active arugula

sprawling spearmint

The arugula’s leaves are distinctly larger, and the mint has a decent amount of new growth. It was so chilly that I didn’t get my lettuce seeds planted, but it’s one of my goals for this week!

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